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Although Corey is an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer, his experience underwater is more limited.

He considers himself very fortunate to do what he loves for a living... and that some of his clients take him with them to exotic locations around the globe is just icing on the cake!

On a recent honeymoon shoot in Hawaii, Corey fell in love with underwater photography. He likened it to bird photography, one of his current passions. Armed at the time with only an underwater housing for his Lumix point and shoot, his appetite was merely whetted.

Now on an exhaustive search for the perfect housing and camera combo, he’s already looking forward to the next trip to the next clear-watered reef or beach.

how corey got his start in underwater photography...



  1. Nikon D3s

  2. Nikon D300


  1. Considering Sea & Sea and Subal for the D300


  1. Nikon 12-24mm

  2. Nikon 10.5mm

  3. Nikon 105mm macro


  1. Considering S&S YS-250 or YS-110


meet the photographer...

Corey Mcnabb




  1. info@coreymcnabb.com


  1. 828.254.4954

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